5 Reasons You Haven’t Used a Trade Show Magician – and why you should!


I recently read that “magicians receive the highest ratings for product identification and recognition” at a trade show.  So why aren’t more people using what is apparently such an effective tool in creating a successful trade show experience?

Well there are 5 types of risk that purchasers experience.  All 5 are probably lighting up your synapses if you are considering booking a magician for your next trades show or exhibition.

Risk 1 – Performance Risk: Will this work?

Of course I’m going to say yes – after all this is what we do! 

Think of it like this – this is what we do! 

Our sole purpose at an event is to engage with your target audience and to increase the traffic to your stand.  The simple fact that Brandmagic presenters take a proactive approach towards gaining attention and cultivating engagement on your behalf steps up your chances of success and puts you ahead of the game.  Combine that with our experience of the trade show environment and the work we do to understand what your business represents,  it’s goals and values, means that we will guarantee our involvement has a positive impact.

Risk 2 – Financial Risk:  Will you get value for money?

In terms of what an exhibition stand costs to design and build,  the fact that there are no guarantees that it will attract an audience, it seems to me that the additional cost of a professional trade show magician is pretty good!  But then I would say that! 

Very often companies focus most of their attention on the physical aspect of their trade show appearance, the stand, the gifts etc.  What is often overlooked is the emotional element.  How the stand “interacts” with the audience.  It is pointless being beautiful if you don’t have a personality. You may get short term attention, but what you really need is long term engagement.

Risk 3 – Esteem Risk: What will other people think?

We get it – you don’t want to appear tacky and cheap!  Magic has a lot to answer for.  The bunny bow-ties, playing card waistcoats, the list of crimes against good taste goes on.  In reality a great professional, trade show magician is more interested in representing you than being a magician! By creating a well crafted presentation we can ensure that the message we deliver is remembered and that other people think  “I wish we’d done that!”

Risk 4 – Ego Risk: How will you feel?

When you exhibit at a trade show an awful lot of work goes into the preparation. The reason being that you want (or maybe need) this to work. At each stage of the process you will address concerns and make changes to ensure that on the first day of the show you don’t look at what you’ve created and say “meh, it’s okay”.  At Brandmagic we take the same approach to our presentations. We write and re-write, present options and alternatives until you are happy.  What makes our offering different however is that we can adapt even after the show has started.  We have the ability to re-assess and re-address how our presentations are holding up once the show is “live”.  How you feel is the MOST important thing to us.  When you see the interest and energy we can bring to your booth, we know you will feel great!

Risk 5 – Safety Risk: Will this be damaging?

This is very important!  You have a brand, brand values and a reputation to uphold.  The reason that we are called Brandmagic is that your Brand comes first, the magic follows. Everything that we do is focused on achieving the most positive outcome for you at your live marketing event.  From how we look, to the message we deliver and the way in which it is delivered, all of it is designed to re-enforce your brand.

Of course you will have concerns about using something that is different, that’s only natural.  But once you realise that different can be the secret to your trade show success please do get in touch! [wc_fa icon=”envelope” margin_left=”” margin_right=””][/wc_fa]

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Peter Wardell

Peter Wardell is an multi-award winning magician and speaker. He has helped companies from a wide variety of disciplines engage with their audience at trade show and exhibitions worldwide.

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