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It may seem a little over the top to be be asking for extraordinary from a trade show stand but it seems to me that if you intend to distinguish yourself from all of the other “ordinary” stands it is actually essential.

From the moment that the doors of the show open you are expected to deliver something special.

So what is it that you need to do? What is the secret to creating those memorable encounters? Well it probably isn’t what you think. You don’t need to become PT Barnum to establish a connection with the visitors to your stand. Professional stand attraction services have their place but they are by no means essential. All business has an element of show business in it but trying too hard is as off putting as not trying at all. When the approach is disconnected from your brand it can dilute rather than bolster your message.

I get a sense from years of working at trade shows that the focus of many exhibitors is not on the show itself but on the build up to the show.   It is an eyes down, nose to the grindstone effort to design and build a great stand with, on occasion, elements of pre-engineered engagement built in.  The narrow focus is  “what’s in it for us” and can result in a conflict of interests with show visitors. To be extraordinary we need to take the time to look up from our agenda and consider our audience. This is the purpose and privilege of live marketing.

At the heart of your success is the fundamental truth that you want to make a positive difference to someones day, to their business and potentially to their lives. Now it all sounds very touchy feely, but why are you doing what you do if it isn’t to help other people? If you are there simply to sell, sell, sell then that will come across in your approach and your demeanour. Your desperation will be far more exposed than you think.

The question to ask is why do people actually visit these live trade events and what can you do to help? It is about the alignment of goals, theirs and yours. The sell, sell, sell, approach will only work if the audience have a buy, buy, buy mindset.  It’s possible, but unlikely. Live events enable you to adapt your approach to match the situation in real time. It’s about being a human being and seeking out human interactions!

If you decide to spend some of your time and effort focused on the problems that you can solve rather than selling a solution that people may or may not need, you have a greater chance of being perceived as extraordinary and that my friends is unforgettable.

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Peter Wardell

Peter Wardell is an multi-award winning magician and speaker. He has helped companies from a wide variety of disciplines engage with their audience at trade show and exhibitions worldwide.

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