The MAGIC of Trade Show Success

A few years ago I posted a video which outlined my thoughts on how to make your exhibition experience successful.  It was originally a “test” video and I didn’t really give it any more thought.  Since I posted it however I have had a great deal of positive feedback and engaged with a number of very interesting people, some of whom have become clients.

The video is based on the acronym MAGIC which stands for:

  • Make a Difference
  • Attract Attention
  • Generate Leads
  • Inform & Entertain
  • Create Selling Opportunities.

The video and audio quality isn’t great but I hope that you will find something useful in the content.

About The Author

Peter Wardell

Peter Wardell is an multi-award winning magician and speaker. He has helped companies from a wide variety of disciplines engage with their audience at trade show and exhibitions worldwide.

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